Thursday, January 21, 2010

wastin away in suburbia

Just kiddin...still loving it living out here. After all, I've always lived out here! I have noticed however that my blog entries are very few and far between. There is a reason for that. I have nothing to write about!!!!!

I suppose I could write about my kids...I've really been having a hard time lately with Carly. She's one tough cookie. She's not a bad baby but man, does she ever scream! And often!! I just can't handle these temper tantrums. I know things will get better once she's able to communicate but lately I have been banging my head against the wall. I have to admit...her neediness has improved this past week. I was able to do dishes a couple of times as well as get her dinner ready in the kitchen without her freaking out. Baby steps!!

Ethan is a little angel, he is so quiet. Well, he's a little whiny sometimes and he can't speak yet at all which worries me but at least he isn't too high maintenance! Today I was thrilled because he took a few bites of chicken. This kid is impossible to feed. All he likes (aside from baby food) is toast with peanut butter, fruit, and junk food!

aaah kids!! I don't know why I thought that I'd be good at this!

I have to admit though, they've been very good the past two days. It's been good. I was actually in such a good mood that I painted my nails and put on some make up. I'm working my way up to brushing my hair and possibly shaving! (kidding)

Well I suppose this blog entry should have been titled winter blahs!!

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  1. Hi hun,
    Try not to worry too much about Ethan not eating "properly". Kids have a weird way of getting what their body needs. I know a kid that would literally eat NOTHING but Ritz and peanut butter for the first eight years of his life. He eats a tiny bit more but basically that is his diet. The doctor told his mom, not to worry. He's eating. Pick your battles. Dont make food one of them.