Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blog Virgin

Ok here we go! Look at me I'm blogging!! The reason I have named this "Wonder Woman in Waiting" really is because I pretty much live an ordinary life and have ordinary news....but, I'm sure one day something really exciting is going to happen. A WOW moment.

Maybe I've already used them all up though (WOW moments). I pretty much have everything I've ever wanted right now.

I spent quite a few years dating. Ugh, how I hated every moment of being single. I know people say that the most fun they've ever had was when they were single. Not me, nope. I hated every moment of it. Although, upon reflexion I'm glad that I didn't meet Mr. Right at an early age. As much as I hated being single, I sure do have alot of stories and learned from most of them. I hope.

Anyway, I met Mr. Wonderful when I was 30. He truly is the man of my dreams. I know it's lame to say and very cliche but it happens to be true. He did everything right. I'll blog about all of that some other time. So...meeting him was definitely a WOW!

We have been married for nearly 4 years, live in the burbs and have twins. Yep, a million dollar lottery family...a girl and a boy 18 months old! Another WOW!

Now if only we could actually be million dollar lottery winners! Gotta actually buy tickets first.

Ok...more on the twins later. Speaking of which, little miss thang is awake now and Mr. Wonderful is being very patient.

toodle - loo!! Hope you enjoyed my little intro!!

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