Monday, October 12, 2009

How's that rash doing?

Seriously, would you ask anyone that? How's that rash? What are your bowels like? Nooo, I didn't think so. I have come across so many people (and I do use that term loosely) who feel the need to know everything about my personal life. It's not just me either I'm sure.

Ever notice when you're single the most common questions asked are "when are you going to date someone?" "Are you dating anyone?", "Why aren't you dating anyone?". Then when you are in a serious relationship these neanderthals ask "When are you two moving in together?", "When are you getting married?", "Why aren't you married?". So once you pass these hurdles and are settled down, married, living in a nice home you think you're in the clear, right? Seems logical. Nope it gets much much worse. "Do you want children?", "When are you going to have children?".....and my personal favourite: "Are you trying?" Oh yeah, doesn't that sound invasive?!!! You wouldn't believe how many times I had been asked that one!!! Now with kids in hand what more could people want to know? Oh you guessed it "Do you want more kids?". I am looking forward to hearing what the next batch of personal questions might be. Perhaps "have you selected you plot at the cemetery yet?"

Where do these people get the plums to ask such personal questions?? If I were quick I'd have a list of good retorts ready. Start now folks!


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  2. But is that rash doing????

  3. oh you've been waiting all day to write that, haven't you?!!! clown!