Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Viva vacation

Exactly 11 more days until Mr. Wonderful and I kiss the monkeys goodbye, hop on a flight, and take off for Las Vegas!!

My hubby is fortunate enough to attend a conference in Las Vegas for an entire week...I am fortunate to have a wonderful guy bring me too! I'm not staying for the entire week, only 2 or 3 days but yay! I'll take it! I'm looking forward to just lounging beside a pool reading a book, and when he's not attending some of the workshops we'll be touring and gambling. I can't wait!

To "prepare" I'd like to rent a few Vegas movies. Even though Showgirls is supposed to have gone down in the history books as one of the worst ever...I'd still like to see it.

I do believe that couples should take yearly vacations, somewhere where it isn't quite simple to just run home after an evening. A weekend getaway in a town 2 hours away isn't the same. It's nice, but it doesn't provide that escape. Personally, my vacation paradise is somewhere hot, sunny, colourful, and decadent. I have no interest whatsoever in tours of old run down towns that have sooo much history and beautiful churches (really? who cares??). Just give me a beach, turquoise water, a nice breeze, my Mr. Wonderful and best of obligations! Like a waking dream!

A family vacation is next on my to do list. As soon as the twins are old enough, I would love to rent a winterized cottage for a week. Something secluded. I'm picturing a winter wonderland getaway. Family time, skiing, skating, snowman making, snoeshoeing, then an evening curled up by a wood stove, in cozy jammies playing board games and drinking hot chocolate! I'd say 4 or 5 more years. But then again...this would be a great romantic, couple time getaway.....hmmmmm Mr. Wonderful, we need to discuss further!



  1. Ya know Jodi? Steve and I have never been on a vacation where it's just the two of us? Even our honeymoon consisted of us staying with his folks in Florida (I still haven't forgiven him for that one..LOL)

    Trip sounds lovely..have a wonderful time!!!

  2. Oh Kristine! Pack your bags, get a sitter, and RUN!!! :-)